Awesome News for Film Shooters

Most likely the biggest news in film photography, even bigger than Fujifilm announcing the demise of their peel apart pack film is the announcement of a new film stock. Bellamy Hunt of Japan Camera Hunter has announced that he is releasing a JCH branded film called JCH Streetpan 400.

JCH Streetpan 400

It is a re-introduction of an old discontinued Agfa surveillance film and by the looks of it, it is a wonderful film with great contrast and grain. Bellamy has taken a different tact to the now common Kickstarter by instead taking pre-orders of 10 roll bricks at 9750 yen ($87.95 USD, $113.71 CDN). Proposed price for single rolls down the road, depending on demand, is approximately 975 yen ($8.80 USD, $11.37 CDN).

For more information on this awesome news, click on the picture above.

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